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I came across with this post over at Ajaxian while browsing through my RSS common feeds.
It’s a sort of review done on a text posted by Alex Russel over 1.5 years, mentioning several aspects on the conduct of browser developer teams, specially on the IE team responsible for the 7th version of the one that is probably the most famous browser worldwide.

What’s striking is that on the verge of important breakthroughs for web developers such as HTML 5, but mostly CSS 3, MS developers still haven’t brought half the changes the community has been so eagerly waiting to have implemented on the only browser many users have ever used on their PCs.

The way theese people will be shown our creations is definately a common concern among any real web developer/designer.
I find it unaceptable. That something that can be so important to define a companie’s corporate image and marketing stategy as it’s web site, has to be made on such non-precise methods as hacks and other kinds of strategies. It takes all of the pureness that could exist on creating a piece of design.
Sure, every craft has it’s secrets and little tricks! But not being able to rely on a web platform only due to conducts has MS has had during the development of IE that’s something that shouldn’t exist.

“Urray” once again for the Firefox team!

What do you say about that?


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